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Planet: Sun/Surya

Sun is the king of planetary cabinet. Sun rules Leo sign.

Its exaltation sign is Aries and debilitated sign is Libra. Sun’s element is fire and represents masculinity. It defines your inner center – the self, ego, one’s personality i.e. who you really are and how you relate to others.

Sun governs reason, not intuition. Sun is fiery & Satvik by nature. It belongs to Kshatriya caste.

Karaka Bhav -Sun is karaka of Father, courage, power, leadership, health, high status, dominance and right eye.

Exalted Sun:

When Sun is in exalted sign (Aries) or it is well placed in friendly planet house in the natal chart, it bestow to native, self-confidence, courage, power, authority, resistance to disease, good relationship with father, social/professional reputation, strong will power, favor from royalty/high government officials.

Afflicted Sun:

When Sun is placed in in debilitated sign (Libra) or placed in 6th or 8th or 12th house (unless forming vipreet rajyog) or it is aspected or conjoined by natural malefic and enemy plants, it provide to native, arrogant, proud, over ambitious, easily irritable, difference, poor eyesight, heart diseases, weakness in bones or native may also suffer with poor blood circulation.