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Astrology illuminates the path of human being by applying the ancient Vedic knowledge to real life.

Astrology is advanced science. Normal science tries to discover the human body, Astrology travel around human life, ups & downs that we face in our life and tries to predict the reason behind the success or failure.

Astrology is route of light. It gives direction how you can come out of your difficulties or problems and achieve success or prosperity in whatever you do.

Simple remedial measures can be used to make our life bit easy. Broadly there are three categories of remedial measures:

Wearing gemstones

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Offering special prayers or reciting mantras of deities/gods

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There are specific upaaye/remedies for each planet depending upon its position in the natal Kundali. So for specific remedies to your problems please contact Gaurav Vashishtha (+91 - 8800 795 087) by taking prior appointment atleast 5 days in advance.