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About Me

Have you ever been fascinated by - why there is so much pain in once life versus happiness in others, why some people work hard but never get expected result while other get everything without much efforts. Do we have answers to these mysterious questions? Answers to these must be somewhere in this universe and astrology is the Vigyan / Science that makes the journey possible in that unknown space of planets and their effect on human life. Planets impact human life irrespective of the fact of their religion, beliefs, like, dislike and faith. After completing my MCA, MBA and Ph.D., I have served international clients for several years in field of analytics. However, Astrology is in our family blood as our dynasty belongs to Maharishi Vashishtha - Guru of Lord Rama and it becomes my prime duty to help people by making them aware of their planets. After working several years in MNC, I decided pursue my family profession full time and take my knowledge to the people in need and hence ‘know your planet ’was born. Planetary movements always excited me. The journey of human life always intrigued me. I always wondered how this creation happened. The possible answer which I was directed to and within my reach was astrology. Through astrology, which is pure logic, I thought I can explore the cosmos which also manifests life in people like us. I am Gaurav Vashishtha started my journey in world of planets to answer unknowns 12 years back. I feel that I was destined to be associated with this niche skill.

Know Your Planets objective is to provide you inside out view of all the things happening in your life and it’s relation to the planets. This is what we call Astro Vidya.

Our vision is clear – educate people about impact of the planets on their life, character and future. Help them to find out the solution, so that they can improve their lives by doing simple things in their day to day life