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Vedic Astrology

Ancient Vedic Astrology originated in India, it is more popularly known as Jyotish shastra. It relies more on the sidereal (according to the stars) positions of the planets. Astrology studies planetary positions and motions with respect to time and their effect on every living being on earth. This ancient system of Astrology is therefore quite scientific in nature and it employs multiple mathematical calculations to conclude any astrological predictions.

According to Vedic astrology there are 27 constellations made up of 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 12 houses with each house and planet representing some aspect of human life.

Astrology illuminates the path of human being by applying the ancient Vedic knowledge to real life.

Astrology is advanced science. Normal science tries to discover the human body, Astrology travel around human life, ups & downs that we face in our life and tries to predict the reason behind the success or failure.

Astrology is route of light. It gives direction how you can come out of your difficulties or problems and achieve success or prosperity in whatever you do.

Vedic astrology has three major branches:

  • Siddhanta Jyotish (Hindu Astrology):

    It mainly calculates the position of the planets. Panchang (Hindu calendar) is created from this calculation.

  • Samhita (Mundane astrology):

    This type of Vedic Astrology mainly covers Mundane astrology by predicting important events related to countries such as war, earth quakes, political events, financial positions, house & construction related matters (Vaastu Shastra), animals etc.

  • Hora (Predictive astrology):

    Hora is about predicting every important event in one’s life by analyzing his/her birth chart or Kundali. Astrologer can predict about every aspect of human life such as education, wealth, health, marriage, children and many more things by analyzing Kundali. Kundali is made from the accurate time and date of birth. To predict astrologers use mainly - Positions of stars and planets are noted at that time of birth (it’s like snapshot of planets when you were born) and current transit of those planets in your kundali and then prediction is made.