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Planet: Mars/Mangal

Mars is commander in chief of the planetary Cabinet. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.

Its exaltation sign is Capricorn and it is debilitated in Cancer. Mars element is fire and represents energy & aggression. It governs discipline, competitiveness, assertion along with aggression, initiatives, self-motivation, fearlessness, ability to take harsh decision when necessary and physic & emotions of a person.

Mars has been given special powers of the 4th and 8th House aspect apart from the 7th House.

Mars is fiery & Tamsik by nature. It belongs to Kshatriya caste.

Karaka Bhav – Mars is karaka of courage, aggression, confidence, boldness, physical strength, younger co-born, risk taking ability, fame and next generation production.

Exalted Mars:

When Mars is placed in its exalted sign (Capricorn) or it is well placed in friendly planet house in the natal chart, it bestow energy, confidence, courage, independence, will & wit to achieve, scientific bends of mind, administrative ability, physical strength and happiness from co-born.

Afflicted Mars:

When Mars is placed in in debilitated sign (Cancer) or placed in 6th or 8th or 12th house (unless forming vipreet rajyog) or it is aspected or conjoined by natural malefic and enemy plants, it gives native – destructive nature, rash and negative aggressive - sometimes, violent nature, injury, the person might suffer from surgical operations, accidents. It could also affect married life.