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What is a Sun Sign?

Sun moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac in a year, it approximately spends one month in each sign. Your birth sign is the sign in which Sun was transiting when you were born.

Prediction based upon your sun sign is mostly generalized outline of any individual so one should not depend solely on Sun sign for predictions as to get a complete picture there are multiple things that need to be analyzed.


People born in Virgo sun sign are Reliable, Analytical, Helpful, Good Observant & have precision. Their ruler is Mercury planet.

Virgo’s believe in self-service and self-improvement. They harvest information and use that information practically. They are analytical in approach and like precision in what they do & are in constant search of perfection. At times they can be hypercritical. Disappointment can harden into cynicism and skepticism.

Virgo’s can become quite critical with self as well as circumstances. They are usually Reserved and Shy, and takes time to adjust with stranger. They are Logical and Rational in whatever they do.

Birth Stone: Sapphire