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What is a Sun Sign?

Sun moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac in a year, it approximately spends one month in each sign. Your birth sign is the sign in which Sun was transiting when you were born.

Prediction based upon your sun sign is mostly generalized outline of any individual so one should not depend solely on Sun sign for predictions as to get a complete picture there are multiple things that need to be analyzed.


People born in Scorpio sun sign are Loyal, Patient, Keen Observant, Resourceful, Dynamic and Passionate. Their ruler is Mars planet.

Scorpio people are a bundle of contradictions. They may have the best and worst in human nature. Because of their biggest gift Patience, they can accomplish many things in life by sticking with projects when others lose patience and stamina. Scorpion will never forget any kind deed and will repay generously. They can be dangerous enemy as getting even is never enough. Scorpions are full of emotions.

They can be Obsessive, Manipulative and Jealous at times.

Birth Stone: Topaz