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What is a Sun Sign?

Sun moves through all twelve signs of the zodiac in a year, it approximately spends one month in each sign. Your birth sign is the sign in which Sun was transiting when you were born.

Prediction based upon your sun sign is mostly generalized outline of any individual so one should not depend solely on Sun sign for predictions as to get a complete picture there are multiple things that need to be analyzed.


People born in Aquarius sun sign are Inventive, Humanitarian, Clever, Witty and Original. Their ruler is Saturn planet.

Aquarians are usually unorthodox but original people and do not follow the crowd. They always want to be different. They are independent thinkers with ambitions of doing something important and meaningful. They will not do anything half-hearted and might sound stubborn at times when asked to change their opinion or in accepting new ideas that they do not like.

Aquarians can be Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof and Unemotional at times.

Birth Stone: Amethyst